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Regional Experience-Exchange Network

The project aims at facilitating the establishment of an informal but sustainable regional experience-exchange public procurement network among procurement policy-makers, practitioners and trainers from IPA Beneficiaries.


Through the project's e-learning platform, 180 candidate trainers will be connected via various communication forms (on-line and face-to-face schemes) in order to form a dedicated "community of practice". However, through this Regional Experience-Exchange Network, a wider audience comprising of policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders  will be able to interact and exchange views, share experiences/challenges in order to brainstorm for finding solutions to commonly-faced problems. 


The establishment of the Regional Experience-Exchange Network is seen as an evolving product to which the biggest possible number of members are invited to participate.


Participation into this Network is open for interested public procurement practitioners, academics, state auditors, suppliers and other officials whose job is related to or affected by public procurement. Network members will be initially supported by the Consortium, during project duration. Following project closure, the Network will be animated by RESPA on sustainable basis.  


Currently, the Network provides the room for initiating experience exchange through the operation of an on-line Forum. The Network features and applications will be enhanced based on the identified needs and members’ proposals.


For gaining access to this initiative, please send us a request (supported by an introduction/motivation letter) to:


International Training Centre of the ILO

Sustainable Development and Governance Cluster



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