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ADETEF is an international co-operation consultant and operator for the Economy, Budget and Sustainable Development ministries. We take up and disseminate best financial and economic policy practices, providing national governments and public authorities with cutting-edge technical expertise from French officials and public sector experts.

ADETEF is a public interest group (GIP) set up by the French government, the French Development Agency (AFD), the French Deposits and Loans Fund, the Institut Télécom and the Mines ParisTech group.

We work in close daily association with the Economy and Budget ministry directorates. We also assist the Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing.



ADETEF works with public sector experts in the economic and financial sectors, and offers consultancy, audits and services in the form of seminars, study tours, conferences and high-level meetings.

ADETEF and the economy and budget ministries have renowned expertise in the field, with a decade of experience in managing over 100 institutional twinning projects in the European Union and increasingly active participation in international donors’ bid-based projects (74 contracts currently under management).


Areas of expertise

ADETEF works on public policies in the field of public finance (budget, taxation, public accounting and customs), economic and financial regulation, economic development (industry, SME-SMIs, business development, innovation and standardisation, quality, tourism, digital economy, and public-private partnerships), energy and sustainable development, statistics, public procurement and communication, and human resources development.

Where we work

Adetef and the Economy and Finance Ministry experts work in the developing, emerging and transition countries at the request of partner administrations and international organisations: European Union, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc.

The agency is highly active in Eastern Europe (Central Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Ukraine) and around the Mediterranean Rim (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian territories and Syria). We also provide administrative assistance services in Asia (China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia), Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Adetef is headquartered in Paris with representative offices in Hanoi (Vietnam), Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine) and Budapest (Hungary) for grass roots action.

Contact point – Public Procurement and PPP Department
Jean-Philippe Nadal
Adetef – 5, place des Vins de France
75573 PARIS Cedex 12 – France 


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