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Organizational Structure

This project targets eight Beneficiaries (seven in the Western Balkans plus Turkey) and is financed under IPA multi-beneficiary facility. Its organizational structure reflects the variety of partners involved in its overall management, oversight, implementation and follow-up.  

The responsibility for overall management of the project rests with the EC/DG Enlargement Unit 3. Overall guidance and oversight of project management and quality assurance is provided by a Steering Committee representing the eight Beneficiaries in addition to a number of observers who were involved in project design like OECD/SIGMA or will be involved in project follow-up like RESPA. The implementation of the project is entrusted to a Consortium led by ITCILO with the participation of ADETEF.

The ITCILO –ADETEF Consortium operates in close cooperation and consultation with the National Public Procurement Office/Authority (PPO/PPA) of each Beneficiary, who are mandated for development, supervision and quality assurance of public procurement training in each of the eight Beneficiaries. Operational liaison at country level between the Consortium and each PPA is provided by a National Focal Point (NFP) appointed by the Consultant in consultation with the respectiove PPA. The NFP reports to the Consortium Team Leader and will be resident in the capital city of each Beneficiary.

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